One thought on “All Aboard the Auschwitz Express: “People Don’t Want to Believe It”

  1. Good morning. It seems unthinkable to most, and yet the infrastructure has been gradually set in place for years; awaiting the moment when it can be fully implemented. There are scores of theories on how it will all go down; just as there are numerous ideas on what the final collective strong delusion will look like. Russ Dizdar explained it with words to the effect of “all events, big and small, are leading up to Revelation 19;19.” Keeping a prayerful watch on these developments is a must; especially when most of our contemporaries consider such happenings to be “not possble in this land.”

    What has been burdened in my heart is to spend the remaining time, not only being about issues of eternal significance, but also drawing really close to Jesus. Closer than we have ever been before, or could ever imagine possible until this moment. To be in a place where his presence is continuous and the aage to come is so real in our hearts that we can nearly touch it. Richard Wurmbrand (sorry to keep quoting others) once stated that deep spiritual preparation is imperative and it must be done before the firey trials are in play.

    It’s good to finally get over here. Thanks for the many scripture verses linked to. Blessings always in Jesus name.


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