WARNING TO AMERICA: A Call to Repentance Before Judgement (Part 1)

This is the first part of a message that was sent to me by a brother in Christ back in October. I’m ashamed to say that it got put on the back burner during some hectic personal issues (fighting to resist mandatory flu shots with threat of termination). No excuses though, this is important information. PLEASE FORGIVE ME BROTHER BOB!



As a Holy Spirit trained Christian, understanding of the big picture has been a privilege to learn. There are so many aspects to learn, and it has taken me many, many years to put all the threads together in some areas. I do not expect most of the readers to understand. These subjects evolve, knowing the Word of God, religions, economic, political, judicial, media, and all the threads that connect to each subject.

The point of this article is to encourage people to put their pride aside, and just simply be Born Again. The hour is short, the deception and wickedness is too deep to thoroughly sort through without the Gift of the Holy Spirit. I understand that the Gift of the Spirit will seal you as a new born baby in Christ and this is the only protection left that is available, at this time. To get this Gift just follow the instruction below and you will be saved from the up coming evil that comes upon all of us. This has nothing to do with giving you a religion and everything to do with getting you Born Again in Jesus Christ in this short time. You really have very little time left to practice this relationship and the religious rulers in our day are no better than in the day of the Lord, sure there are a few but most are twisted and do not have the truth, just another trap per say. This is a very simple process and like the thief on the cross you can esape the upcoming tradgedy/judgement.

Let me tell you the plans of the evil people, you can make up your own minds as the event unfolds. The east and west coasts are about to be destroyed, also effecting South America as well. I myself know how to accomplish this and it is really very easy to see how the TPTB will perform this act, just like they did 9/11 for their self purposes. They have to take out America to carry out their plans, otherwise they would not succeed. Just like they took out J.F.K. and the Twin Towers, we as a whole are next.

Do not be fooled, they are going to wipe us out in a heart beat, because they know, we as a nation, would not ever bow to them. They will cause this calamity because of that reason. Most Americans are thoroughly poisoned, dumbed down, and deceived, working for a piece of crap dollar that is worthless at this point. Most are so ignorant and pride filled they will not be able to understand and will reject this letter.

They surely do not know that satan stands before God claiming souls for our inaction, allowing the banks to steal, the poisoning of our food, the stealing ofour real estateandthe murderofinnocent lives, (9/11) false wars, and many other atrocities. The goverment workers just pass the buck and do nothing.

It is my hope, when American lives are coming to an end, they will see the corruption before their eyes and finally believe God and His Son and get sealed in the end. Will God seal these arrogant people? Well because the thief on the cross realized his position and confessed to God publicly and accepted Jesus as he was about to die, I have confidence that maybe some reader will also.

Believe me when I say that the police, the judges, the politicians and most Americans are far from the Lord, even most, if not all religions are completely fooled with the lies and drugs (in the food we have eaten for years) and deception that most people will never submit, and they will go out shaking their fist in horror. Hearts will fail them.All full of pride, false pride, you have nothing to be proud about. If I have to point out we are all murderers and co-murderers I will.

Me, I can and have repented, I have the Holy Spirit and God has the grace to forgive all who seek, in the name of Jesus, all of us. Most will not submit, I understand they will not wake-up and leave this fraud and stay home. I get it, cowards each and everyone of US, that is where the plain truth is, lies right at the bottom of our feet. We do not trust God to provide.

If everyone of us woke up, and left our jobs and the puke fake dollars that are so very important in our lives, and just said no, we could buy enough time to save souls. But we as a whole will not. WE as a whole will not trust God to provide and that is why so many are about to die. This applies to all so called hard working Americans, not just these selected groups. You all are working for the almighty piece of crap dollar, so each and everyone of us is no better than these others. Your idol is dollars. You compromise truth and justice and liberty for fake jobs and dollars, you turn a blind eye to reality, for money, and America is done soon. Right now they are preparing for mass death, yet we still say nothing. I say do not go to work, be with your families, get saved and spend the next few weeks with family getting people saved.

Again, if we all went home and stopped working for this huge class of thugs(mainly government workers and the extremly rich) we could have fixed this mess, gotten real food to eat, stopped the poisoning of our kids and followed the true God of the Bible and our Constitution. We could finish the race strong, and do better. This fraud out dates all of us. I must say we underestimated our enemy and our enemy is kicking our butts and has been as far back as I care to mention, when we left honest weights and measures. So the deception is well grounded in, and the lies have been allowed to go on for generations, because of this deception and lies I truly believe Gods Grace will be extended to all that understand, acccept,and humble themselves. I’m not self deluded,most will reject this letter because of a dumbed down education and society. To each is their own mind given and most, if not all people will attack the messenger rather than to understand the message. Time is almost up anyway.

How will they destroy America, is in there grasp right now. First, they have taken the real estate, next they will take the wealth, by crashing the stockmarket, then they will take a hundred to two hundred million lives and blame others. How? Very simply with the new weapons our fine military leaders have, (shaking the heavens) they will cause a mega tusnami on the east cost, and the west coast will be nudged into the ocean, (most likely blame backward N Korea or some stupid thing people will swallow) pretty simple for them. They know how and they will. So for those that read this, you are warned, I had no visions or prophetic angels to talk to. The info can be discerned by anyone that has not fallen hook, line and sinker into this world of lies. I do read my Bible and have gleened this info from there, Daniel’s book and the prophecy were to be understood and revealed in the end time. Combine this with the information that is available out in the world to draw your own conclusion.

I think by the time Obama leaves office one more of the three kings will fall under his watch. (Bush took out only one king and the Bible says the smoothtalking liarwilltake out three kings, real close to this now. I think Reagan was the goat with the one horn. If so, Rommey will win for the fifth king. That gives us a little more time. But Rommey will pull the stops out I think. Obama has until Nov 20 to get his deed done. This is my own speculation and I’m not an expert. I can say that satan is before Gods Throne and most likely demanding our souls because of the blatant corruption and we all just do nothing about it. The flood is mentioned in Daniel also.

For the true indwelt believer, look at Revelation 17 and 18. I believe this is America, (sent out dollars, deceived the world and destroyed in a hour) there are other scriptures also. There are directions for the Church of Jesus, mainly to know the sound of Jesus’ voice, for the pen is full of sheep but a few will know the Masters voice when called, (His glorified voice is found mainly in Revelation chapter 4, but other scriptures too,Ezekiel ch 1 ver 24)and to stand and look up when this event happens, do not falter and have strong faith. Luke ch 21:28 is direction for the true believer of the Church. I am amazed that so many Christians that do not have this information – I feel compelled to share.

The fact that so many farmers would be willing to sell poison amazes me, the fact that so many people in our country would sell their brothers and sisters out for dollars amazes me. (9/11, wars and too large a list to mention) There is no love in this country, even when I say to people your chrildren are being poisoned they turn thier back and stick their heads in the sand. Just amazes me. Wake-up, being busy is not acceptable, being cowards is not acceptable, being ignorant is not accectable, WAKE-UP. Quit everything and be with your family these last few weeks or months, but America will not, the job is too good, the pat downs are fine, the fear is too much for most. The devil worked us Americans over good and hard, bunch of deceived cowards that locks their doors everywhere they go. I do not want to be a victim you cry, and your the biggest victims ever.

At this point in time, because of the complete apostasy of our current church, media, schools, education, medical shots, flouride, poison food, economic, politics, unions, media, medical system, judicial systems and banking, there are very few true indwelt Holy Spirit people alive today, maybe 2 to 5 percent of current population of the world, I’m guessing here, (hope its more). We will not be missed when Jesus comes in the clouds for His Church. That dear readers, does not say you can not be included in this group. My hope is another percentage of people will join us. To the ones that live, there is a great population of Gentiles that will be sealed after the Church is taken. Strive to join that group as you watch this event happen or leave the coast areas if you want to live. Instruction for you are in the Bible, take heed. Revelation.

To you of Boston, New York, Florida and the whole East Coast, and California. May you grow some stones and Trust the Word of God, leave your precious jobs and follow the direction below. Show your faith in the Lord in these last minutes, take a stand. Step out of the trap that is set for you, or be brought to the slaughter and be killed. Like the Lord has described all of us, sheep. Reminds me of building seven, your building seven is coming next. Sheep, dumb, stupid, arrogant, prideful, supposedly educated sheep. God judges nations and our time is up. Well deserved, I find no pleasure in this, however I cannot wait and have joy to be able to escape and get away from you non-believers, to be with my Lord and anotherlike minded humbled,brokenpeople. Like the Apostle of old that lost their lives in the name of Christ for speaking the truth, that had no fear of death, I and many other Holy Spirit Christians are given this strength also. May many others that read and share, be granted this same strength and have this faith, in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. For encouragement, Acts 16 ver 31. It’s not all about you, but your household also could be saved.

Let me drive down a point home. Just recently I watched the union of Verizon workers in Boston show a postion of strength for a few percent increase in their penison. The Boston police union didn’t show up, because they privately had an arrangement with the union of Verizon, now mind you the percentage increase is a farce, it will not make a bean bit of difference as their money is confiscated and inflated away, but these people do not understand this fact about that. This thirty thousand, plus the twenty thousand union of cops only really care about themselves, the three thousand murdered in New York does not affect their pocket book. They could care less, of course until the predators come for them and thier families, well guess what Boston, your turn is next and there is really nothing we can do now, our fate is sealed, you’ll never see a pension or spending power, were all nuetered. All union members is where most of our power is right now, power of the american people is found. They have to take a stand, but most likely will not. They and we all turn our backs on justice and liberty and love of others. The crimes of America, murder is on America hands, the blood of our own people and the worlds people. Like it or not.

Now the only thing left is to get right with God, and do not wait too long, you have been had, murder is coming your way. The point is, you’ll gather for money, but justice for crimes against humanity you could care less about. Same goes for all the goverment DA’s and workers at the goverment agency, judges, attorney generals, politians and CFTC or BLS or all the fraudsters that think they make a difference eating at the trough of taxes. My point is the unions have the power of the people, yet they do not care about justice or people, only about their buy me off jobs and paychecks.

To all people getting that free food and education,trackingdevices (phones),I askyou what doyou get for free, I tell you, the food causes austism and learning disablilities, the education is not worth anything. People that are fat look into the wheat they have been growing as far back as the seventies, stomach problems, look no further than the big food manufacturers, you know the big quality companies that are killing us, all the so called name brands, processing poison. So open up your eyes people, you’ve been killing your own children. Will people speak out now, ya right, go back to work for the almighty dollar, too dumbed down to do the right thing and just quit and run to God.

SAVE BELOW, THE WAVE WILL TAKE 6 HOURS TO REACH OUR SHORES, The PTB will most likely do their deed when we sleep anyway, so admit your depravity as soon as possible. Get right with God or face eternal hell. The time is still open as long as your breathing.

Bible scholars need also to do their homework. The flood wave is mentioned in Daniel. Bible scholars need to reveiw Daniel and Revelation to confirm what I am reporting. These prophecies were to be revealed in the end time. So do some checking and get the word out. The sun is also a big clue, it is no longer yellow like when I was a kid, and this is also a sign for us all.

3 thoughts on “WARNING TO AMERICA: A Call to Repentance Before Judgement (Part 1)

  1. One of my problems with his advice is that he is saying to just quit your jobs, stay home with your families and “save souls”. That knocks out the needed money to pay the rent, or mortgage, (if your house is not paid for), the utilities, gas, elec, water, etc) and food for the table, and so on. Whereas the bible says if you don’t work you won’t eat. And also that those who don’t provide for their families are worse than an infidel. Jesus told his disciples to render unto Caesar that which was Caesars, I presume he meant paying taxes. Well, my take on the Word of God is that we must have some income to survive and support our families. We can still work, but it’s a matter of how we spend, or save our money as well as the amount of preparedness we make for the times ahead, not just for spiritual things but in the natural because -it all goes together.

    Granted, this brother is well intentioned, and I do see he is right about many things, but I believe we must hear from God before taking all his advice to heart, because that part of his flawed advice is going to leave many Christians ill prepared to face the coming hard times ahead.

    Also, he was assuming, if I read correctly, back when he wrote this, it was before the election and he thought Romney would be elected. It actually makes no difference. It’s all set according to God’s Soveriegnity.

    Listen, this is not a time to panic! It’s a time to stay calm and listen to the still small voice rather than reacting to the headlines and evil reports of the day. God WILL protect his people, but only if they are following him, not making knee jerk reactions to the news.

    I don’t intend to critisize our brother, or offend. I am merely offering a bit of correction and admonition for the readers to give heed to. And bottom line in this case, not to quit your job UNLESS you know that you know that you KNOW that you have heard from God on the matter.

    May Jesus bless each and every one, strengthening you in your body, soul and spirit to do the LORD’S will. May grace and peace be multiplied to you, in Jesus precious name.


    1. I appreciate your comments and I agree! Of course we can’t quit working until it comes to the point where, if we’re still here, we can’t take a chip and assimilate into the new system. I wouldn’t do anything rash, and be unable to provide for my family unless God lead me that way, and of course he would provide for me at that time if I was obedient. I basically agree with what you’re saying, I just read Bob’s letter as someone that understands that the whole world, including our fake monitary system, lies in wickedness. He’s upset that people don’t get it and they’re running toward their own eternal destruction. It is hard to watch the only world you’ve ever known degenerate into such foolishness and evil. I pray about these things myself, and I know that you’re probably no stranger to frustration with these matters either. Bob just needs to remember that Jesus warned us that it would be like this, and everything is happening according to His will. We can’t let our love grow cold in these darkening days, and we, that remain in Christ, must strengthen one another. (That does include admonishment too.) I wanted to help Bob by publishing his heart felt concerns. Thanks for your input and thoughts Scarlett! I do appreciate you and all of my brothers and sisters out there that I haven’t met yet. God bless!

  2. Reblogged this on God's Enduring Love and commented:
    Just read this and see how much of it makes sense to you. Not only America, but the whole world is experiencing God’s judgment already. The WRATH of GOD, the worst of the judgments is still to come, and we need to get ourselves right with God and get on His side of eternity.

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