Obama to Give Speech at Pagan Holy Site…Again!

Obama to Give Speech at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate


As shown in a previous article (Occult Symbolism at Obama’s Innaguration) we see that Obama spoke at the seat of Satan or altar of Zeus in Berlin in 2008 as a presidential candidate, and later accepted his democratc party’s nomination before a replica of the same altar of Zeus.

He is now about to speak at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, which is equally evil and full of pagan, occult symbolism. The picture above is the Brandenburg Quadriga that sits on Brandenburg Gate. If you look closely, it is full of evil symbolism, and in fact, the very definition of a Quadriga makes this obvious.
A Quadriga was a chariot drawn by 4 horses abreast that was raced in ancient Olympic Games. Quadrigas were emblems of triumph, victory, and fame in Roman society. In Classical Greek mythology the Quadriga is the chariot of the gods. Apollo was depicted driving his Quadriga across the heavens, delivering daylight and dispersing the night. Source: Wikipedia

In addition to all this, I personally was struck by the statue of the Quadriga just by its appearance. The 4 horses remind me of the four horsemen of the apocalypse which are pulling a chariot who’s driver is clearly an angel. In addition, the cross depicted is a Maltese cross, which is occult in its very nature and used to represent the Knights of Malta. Sitting atop the cross is an eagle or possibly a mythical Phoenix (representing the new world order).

It has been said that Obama is going to talk about nuclear disarmament and peace in this upcoming speech. I feel like this is more open, in-your-face symbolism used by our occult, Illuminati leaders, to show us their plans and that they feel victorious in their achievement of their false-peace world leader.

These deffinately are perilous times. Draw near to the true Prince of Peace, and fear not these things you see. Our King is coming, and his reward is with him!

One thought on “Obama to Give Speech at Pagan Holy Site…Again!

  1. Mrs M

    He also spoke during the Summer Equinox in which the sun is at the silver gate of heaven- is this to represent as above, so below? (speaking at the eastern gate?)

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