‘Boiling Sea’ Off Fukushima Viral Photo Of The Day


Watchman73 Notes: “Oh yeah, this stuff happens all the time. Earth changes are cyclic. Every generation thinks the end is near.” GIVE ME A BREAK! IT’S OVER FOLKS! GET READY!


11 thoughts on “‘Boiling Sea’ Off Fukushima Viral Photo Of The Day

  1. Ah, yes. From that always reliable source ‘Beforeitsnews Com,’ the Social Fall disinformation site extraordinaire. If you’re really so sure please sell all your property and give the proceeds to the needy tomorrow.

    1. Wow, thanks for the scathing commentary! That’s exactly the attitude and spirit I expect when dealing with the Godless scoffers of the world, but not a brother in Christ. I’m not sure where you’re coming from, but look, Fukushima will never be ok. The signs of the end are off the charts and I’m just trying to be obedient to God and warn the people. Do me a favor, and quit poking the men and women serving as watchmen in the eye! Satan loves division. I refuse to participate! Time IS short, and I have work to do. We don’t all agree on everything, but we must treat fellow believers with LOVE and RESPECT. I feel neither from your words my friend! Please rethink your words before you attack the next Christian blogger trying to do God’s work to the best of their ability. MARANATHA!!!

      1. A suggestion to sell all your property and give to the poor, while it may have contained a degree of sarcasm, to be described as “scathing” is way beyond the pale.

        Look, you speak of “Godless scoffers” as if you are immune to deception, and all the while you post items from a clearly deceptive website beforeitsnews.com This website is similar to the “EU Times”, in that its main agenda is to get its mostly Christian audience to believe that it is established as Christian doctrine in today’s world that our calling is to follow every rabbit trail of conspiracy theory and doomsday conjecture to the ends of the earth. Christ himself said something quite different, but we are all supposed to accept this nonsense in the spirit of being ” a loving brotherhood of Christ-followers.”

        No respectable sources of real news ever pick up on these kinds of stories covered by these pseudo-Christian fringe sources. Is it because all mainstream media are in on the conspiracy, or is it because the stories themselves cannot be verified by any sensible means of verification?

        I know your intentions are good, but we are all responsible for our actions, and when our actions harm others in the flock, it has the opposite effect of being the loving Christian you aim to be. Christ himself showed no love toward those who lead his sheep astray.

        I suggest there is more of a mocking and scoffing attitude in what you wrote than what I wrote:
        “Oh yeah, this stuff happens all the time. Earth changes are cyclic. Every generation thinks the end is near.” GIVE ME A BREAK! IT’S OVER FOLKS! GET READY!”

        Would this not appear to mock any Christian who is merely about the Father’s business of spreading the good news of the gospel, and letting the Lord take care of the details concerning how near or far we are from the end? An end, by the way, which we are told not to focus on, for each day has enough trouble and worry for itself, according to scripture.

      2. Listen, we disagree ok. My sarcasm was completely directed at the scoffers, not brothers and sisters. Sorry if it seemed offensive. There is a duty to warn the people, and no, not everybody is doing the same job for Christ. We all have our calling. I am just a simple man that sees the great evil in this world and I will expose it and resist it until the end. As for the details, of course it is God’s business. Again, not my argument on that. We are commanded to watch though. I’ve done nothing wrong by showing the things that are happening in the world. Do you think I can’t see what the site before it’s news has on there? The info about Fukushima stands for itself though. The next time you disagree with someone, don’t attack and try to make them look foolish. This is a tremendous disappointment and waste of time. You wouldn’t hit unbelievers with such attitude would you? Try a softer approach with your brethren. If you really think I’m not a brother in Christ though, well then, take care and see you later my friend.

  2. Hey. Be nice. You might be delusioned but some of us really appreciate all the time & hard work Watchman 73 gives to his blog so that we can stay informed & aware of the crazy things going on in our world around us. I value the commentaries with scripture & insight that he includes. I am so thankful that God has watchman for us to learn from & to remind us of Gods love. Sometimes it is a challenge for us to keep our faith strong as the world we knows seems to be coming undone. I understand you may be a little stressed with all the chaos around us but why not save the attitude for a different site. God bless.

  3. Wow. I never anticipated such a strong reaction to some simple comments. Please delete all my comments if you like. You guys have to develop a thicker skin if you want to run a Christian blog. I was simply pointing out that the sources you choose for news items are unreliable, to put it mildly.

    Yet another story, posted yesterday, from “redflagnews.com” about strange noises in B.C. Canada is completely untrue. I live in the heart of B.C. and nobody heard anything. I’m sorry if simply pointing these things out causes you so much grief. I run a Christian blog as well, but whenever someone points out where I have posted something misleading, I rush to correct or delete the false information. As Christians we are supposed to be the light in all this darkness that abounds.

    You talk so much about “kindness” and “attitude.” How does posting false information, likely to cause great concern to all Christian readers, reflect kindly on the elect of the church?

    1. Yes, I totally overreacted. You are so right, what a thin-skinned fear mongerer I am! Thank you for setting me straight on what’s reliable and what’s not. I’m so blessed to have stumbled into THE purveyor of knowledge and discernment! I only dream of having your abilities and your hubris! I hope you can continue to dazzle us with your articles and insight! Oh, and I hope you won’t feel the need to waste anymore of your precious time here stirring up the conspiracy theorists on my site. Good luck with the coming tribulation!

  4. Something happened to the link. I would like to re- blog the article.
    The seriousness about Fukushima can’t be denied, but the gov doesn’t like to advertise the facts. It can’t be fixed, not now, not ever, The Pacific and all that’s in it is being destroyed. There’s no time to waste on those who have their foot stuck out trying to trip you up. The carnal man of the world has no ability to discern spiritual things, which is what we are dealing with here……spiritual things being evidenced in the natural realm. God bless you!

    1. Oh, It looks like the link is gone from the original site. I know, we get busy looking at so many different plates spinning that it’s easy to forget about the major, irreparable changes that have taken place in our earth. The world is parishing right before our eyes and the worldly people cannot see. You are right, the carnal man has no discernment of the things of the spirit. Blessed are our eyes that can see. That brings me to my knees when I think about God’s mercy and grace and that He would bestow such gifts upon me, a sinner. God bless you sister! MARANATHA!

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