Remembering 911…with Eyes Wide Open


Steve Jackson’s Illuminati Playing Card Game:


Commentary by Watchman73:

As America remembers today, I wonder how many truly know what happened to us that day. I doubt that very many can, or ever will comprehend the full magnitude of the attacks. That day was the proclamation of the new world order by our illuminati leaders. It marked the beginning of the end.

Although for a time the people of America were united; we were united by a manufactured fear and anger toward a faceless enemy. We were under complete mind control based on the trauma that we suffered that day. We had no choice but to embrace our leaders out of fear, anger, and patriotism. We acquiesced to tyranny in the form of perpetual foreign wars and loss of constitutional liberties for the promise of peace and safety. As a result, we now have neither peace nor safety. Our highly esteemed leaders mock and laugh, as countless men, women, and children die under false pretenses:

I pray for peace and healing for the families of the ones who died that terrible day. I pray for the lost, who are deceived by our wicked rulers. Lastly, I pray for you, the reader, to find the true peace and safety that comes only from our Father in heaven. May you find the power of God to stand against this evil without flinching and without fear. Please, take time to know who our true enemy is, and where our help comes from. We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb!


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