4 thoughts on “False Prophet: The Second Beast to Have Mass Above King David’s Tomb in Jerusalem

  1. Desmond

    Like his false religion, the pope enters on a lie: visiting the State of Palestine – there is NO state of palestine. The Almighty gave all the ground of ISRAEL to the Jews inperpetuity. The catholic church now continues its crusade of trying to take Jewish property and side with the enemies of the Chosen People. From Messianic Christian ex-catholic.

  2. Desmond

    I was in that Upper Room with a group of true Bible-beieving Christians when the catholics entered and started their Hail Mary’s, almost drowning out our guide. Fancy praying to a false godess in the room where our Saviour is reputed to have had His Last Pesach before dying for us.

    1. laura

      You do realize the words of the Hail Mary prayer ARE biblical, right? The angel said “hail mary, full of grace”. Goddess? No. “All generations will call me blessed” she said. Obviously you are not one included in her thoughts. Sorry.

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