Sex trade gets a huge infusion

Serve Him in the Waiting

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Why would the U.S. suddenly be inundated with minor children flowing in from other nations?

Well, do you recall two of my recent articles which mentioned how DynCorp and other major private contractors who historically land multiple huge government contracts, have been found to be involved in the sex trade, which generates revenue that is, in turn, used to finance regime change in other nations?

There you go! We have a rogue government, completely engaged with terror through out the world, and since we are bankrupt as a nation (both financially and morally speaking), what better way to finance the continuing march toward the New World Order, than to cash in on the desperation of families who still believe the American Dream is available to anyone who can make it across the border.  This is too unprecedented not to have been orchestrated.   Texas can’t handle them all, so they are bussing…

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