The Manhattan Declaration-the Ecumenical Movement’s Evil Twin

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

This is not another expose of the Jesuits, per se, in case you may be wondering, (and yawning), because of the title of the video I posted,  OK?   What it is, then, is a warning of the ecumenical movement, so-called, and it’s evil twin, “The Manhattan Declaration”.

Many Christians are aware of the Roman Catholic Churches push for ecumenism; that is, the embracing of all religions, including “evangelical Protestantism”, coming together under one umbrella in the name and cause of brotherhood, love, peace, and most of all “unity”. A weird, unscriptural group hug that flies in the face of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, how many church going, evangelical Christians are not aware that their denomination may be joining into this other kindred heresy, “The Manhattan Declaration”? I would hazard a guess to say, the majority of them. The connection to the social gospel, and the Catholic Ecumenical…

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