Headline reads: “5 Prominent NYC Figures Die in Train Crash – 3 Were Top Investment Bankers”

Serve Him in the Waiting

Normally, I avoid reposting articles and links to articles which deal in speculation.  Doing so only adds to the atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion, however, there is so much that is strange about this accident in N.Y. in which Ellen Brody actually was on the tracks when the barricade arm lowered and bumped the back of her SUV, and instead of getting off the tracks, she actually got out and checked for damage on her car first.  When she got back in, the train hit her, killing her and creating a fireball in the collision that killed five others.  I have seen plenty of people try and outrun a train, but who stops on the track while the barricade comes down, gets out and walks around, and how could she possibly not have heard the train?  Even a deaf person could feel the vibrations of a train bearing down at 51MPH.  Something…

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