Ancient Gods Appearing Today: What Is The Spirit Of JEZEBEL?

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!


Again we find the revival of Ancient Pagan gods manifesting in the world today.
From the Arch of Baal to Molech, to pagan witchcraft.  I was not surprised to see recent reports that the pagan art of witchcraft is on the rise in the US.  Worshiping both a female and male God goes back to ancient times.  You can say this is hyperbole but is it any wonder with the broadcasting of evil like the walking dead and other programs easily accessible to children.  The vampire movies that glamorize and show this as a love story should send chills down your spine.  Yet even Christians defend this.  We have whole communities (using the PC language) that identify as Vampires!  And even more that practice Satanism.  In this country!  We have government officials bowing to ancient practices of killing babies and the unborn.  And yes Abortion dates back to ancient times. …

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