The Open PARADE of SIN in Jerusalem … Sodomite PRIDE

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

” …..I+ Know the Blasphemy of those who say they are Jews,

and are not,

but are of the synagogue of satan.”

Rev. 2:9

malachi-3_6-god-does-not-change MALACHI 3:6

Can this be happening in Jerusalem, Israel?

  Yes, sadly the LGBT / Sodomite debauchery is on the “politically-Correct” Protection list, globally, and even in Israel. It is not permissible to call these activities SIN anymore… only one of many acceptable “lifestyles”.

At least two “rabbis” have spoken out in favor of the “rights” of the LGBT community to BE homosexual, lesbian, etc., without any consequences from society.

These rabbis  both attended the LGBT event in Jerusalem on July 21, 2016 as secular Jews paraded as Sodomites before GOD and man. 

Despite hundreds of rabbis speaking out against Jerusalem’s gay parade and Rabbi Yigal Levenstein’s anti-gay comments, a Jerusalem-based Orthodox rabbi nevertheless gave full support to the event.

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