The Sun is Setting on Our Republic 

​The sun is setting on our republic.

It was such a beautiful place to grow up in.
It’s all I’ve ever known – it’s always been my home.
I never thought I would see the day of its end,
And yet, here I stand watching it being destroyed from within.

This is what happens when a nation turns away from God…
When we supplant God’s law with man’s…
When we spit on His blessing and embrace our sin…
Finally there is no alternative for a righteous God.
Judgment must begin.

Judgment has been proclaimed.
The warning has gone out,
But the people will not hear.

The people hire for themselves teachers and preachers that will not offend.
The shepherds will not warn the flock,
Nor will they feed them with anything but milk.

The American people place their hope and faith in political leaders.
They only see what satan’s minions want them to see.
Almost no one understands what’s truly going on,
Whats’ truly at hand…

It’s the end.
It’s the end of the republic,
And the rise of the new world order.

Life will never be the same here,
And for many it will end.

As the sun sets on our once beloved republic,
And the darkness moves in…
Know that there is one way out,
One way to live…


He is coming soon!
Make sure that you know Him,
And that He knows you!



2 thoughts on “The Sun is Setting on Our Republic 

  1. M&D

    You said it all! It’s bittersweet; sad but these things must take place to bring in the antichrist and the glorious return of our savior Jesus Christ.

  2. Drgold

    Hi Watchman 73

    Very well said and very poetic regarding the coming demise of our American Republic, into the New World Order!

    America once ‘a Christian nation under God’ is no longer so. Secular humanism and hedonism have permeated America, and have displaced God’s laws. Without a belief in God and the Bible, ‘nothing is intrinsically and absolutely wrong’. It is then up to the government only to decide ‘right or wrong’. R. J. Rushdoony said ‘Show me your laws, I will show you your god’.

    When politicians or our courts depart from the Bible, they make themselves ‘gods, and higher than God’. They are Satan’s minions. This point can easily seen by some landmark moral decisions or laws made over the past 50 years in America.

    Please see

    MARANATHA.. the Lord cometh to judge America!

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