Signs the Anti-Christ is Near 2016 (R$E)


4 thoughts on “Signs the Anti-Christ is Near 2016 (R$E)

  1. 1John 2:18 has been fulfilled. Why has much of what Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew 24, & The Book of Revelation has so many people extrapolate from the context of Scriptural fulfillment to sometime in the future to eventually becoming fulfilled? The problem is, whoever that original person was who came up with this belief, being deceived, has propagated this belief while so many others have embraced it as Gospel, without so much as even praying to God for truth, meaning and understanding of God’s Word? It appears to me that once again, this is another example of some person coming up with a belief, a man-made belief, that was never preached in the Gospel. If we truly pray for understanding, truth, meaning, enlightenment, revelation in context, it will all make sense and fall into place like a puzzle being fitted piece by piece. There has been so many different interpretations to this, which falls in the category of ‘rapture’ that is not Biblical. So many varied interpretations and beliefs alone should raise the proverbial red-flag? Is Jesus coming pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation or post-tribulation? This is all confusion and not up for everyone to acquiesce to the acceptance that it really doesn’t matter what anyone believes, as long as we all believe that Jesus is coming back? Well, that’s not good enough. Scripture specifically teaches that we must all be of one mind, like-minded, have the mind of Christ. Having all these different beliefs is not being like-minded, having one mind and surely not having the mind of Christ. The antichrist according to Scripture and in context was the Emperor of Rome when he invaded Jerusalem and stood in the Holy Temple, being the Holy place, the ‘Desolation of Abomination’ leading up to the Roman army surrounding Jerusalem and ultimately destroying it. Let’s look at Matthew 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. Jesus was definitely warning the disciples of what was to come in their generation. Jesus was telling them of the impending destruction of Jerusalem, which is what the main context is about. There is a key ‘phrase’ in that verse, and that is, “to this time”. Upon further examination you will note that Jesus is clearly telling His disciples that there will be a devastating event coming that the world has never witnessed, “such as was not since the beginning of the world” and telling them that the world will never see another destruction of that magnitude ever again, “no, nor ever shall be.” So, there will have never been a great tribulation that was not since the beginning of the world, “except to this time that Jesus was telling them” and “No, there will never be another great tribulation ever again.” And what was that great tribulation that Jesus was speaking of, the Great Fall and destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. And tribulation has been occurring ever since, thus leading up to the verse Matthew 24:29 which speaks of Jesus’ second coming at the end of the age or world: “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:” Tribulation has continued on ever since that great tribulation of 70AD and has concurrently been ongoing on through today and to that final Day that Jesus comes. World history books regarding that time period corroborates this. The writings of Flavius Josephus also corroborates while depicting the events. Note: We are all accountable for our own salvation. Therefore, we must not willingly lay our salvation on men’s interpretation of Scripture which leads to false doctrine. Even I say to you, don’t take my word for this, but I say to you where others have not, and that is, please read the Word of God for yourselves with all prayer and sincerity for understanding, meaning, revelation and you can’t go wrong. The Holy Spirit will lead us to all Truth. Remember, there is ONLY ONE TRUTH. Jesus is that Way, That Truth and That Life! All praise and glory to God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!

    1. Preterism? Really? Listen, I’ve heard plenty from folks like you. I’m no longer taking time to debate eschatology. In case you haven’t noticed the beast system is being finalized all around you. You see, the new world order is real, and those occultists aren’t playing games. They will soon cause great chaos that will envelope the entire world, and the end result will be mass death with the remaining people taking a chip/biometric tattoo in order to exist. The time for debating who’s doctrine is the truth is about over my friend. Pet doctrines will soon be obsolete. Every believer will be praying for Jesus to return once this thing gets going. I’m sorry you can’t see it. I’ll pray for you. MARANATHA!

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