America’s Beacon Of Hope Is Going Dark


'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

The once shining light of America as a beacon of hope for those oppressed is going dark. And that’s a fact. Not hyperbole.

Dear God I feel so helpless. The wearing down of the Saints has begun. It’s time for the true followers of Christ to circle the wagons, call a red alert, press in, however you want to say it. Time is running out.

The world is dark, there is a war spreading across the globe, slaughter is happening at lightening speed, human rights are thrown away, and blind eyes are partying in the streets as if nothing is happening. This is not 1940 this is today. This is not WWll this is today.

Western leaders have destroyed the peace and are in quick sand that is pulling them and innocent people under with them.

My inbox is full of those in Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, Syria, and Thailand. Their…

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