Young Oceans – GREAT IS OUR GOD

I just discovered this band the other day, and what a blessing! These guys are awesome! Enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Young Oceans – GREAT IS OUR GOD

  1. Patty Stubblefiels

    All songs recorded by Young Oceans is written by Eric Marshall –

    Wasko head pastor,Trinity Grace, a 9-year-old megachurch headquartered in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan with 10 satellite branches throughout the city, has succeeded in luring back young church dropouts by replacing the “vehemently opposed to gay marriage fire and brimstone guy on Sunday morning” approach to Christianity with what he described “a current, more relevant expression of the faith.” “More relevant” includes Wasko’s earrings and tattoos, “Philosophy and Faith” nights with atheist guest speakers, “artist salons” featuring “drinks and wine and cheese,” and sermons about the irony of irreligious Manhattanites worshiping at the altar of work and success.
    Most importantly, said Wasko, Trinity Grace does not insist that its members adhere to a strict, literal interpretation of Scripture. “A lot of damage has been done by the preacher on a soapbox shouting out hellfire and brimstone,” he said. Trinity Grace offers a different form of Christianity:

    Another link

    Eric Marshall, songwriter and worship pastor for the Chelsea parish of Trinity Grace Church, says. “With that in mind, our intent was to present these songs with purity and beauty, but also with an honest representation of the veil we’re peering through.”

    1. Wow! Thank you for finding that information. I haven’t really looked closely into who they are. I was just enjoying the music. I really hate to hear that. It’s like Hillsong United: I like some of their music but I know what an apostate church they’re affiliated with. Thank you again, and God bless!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! You are a blessing to me! It gets very lonely when you can’t find fellowship with those around you, so it’s very edifying to hear from you! God bless you!

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