TSA Inspects Texas Pastor’s Bible



10 thoughts on “TSA Inspects Texas Pastor’s Bible

  1. Sorry, this time I can’t cry a river over this “mega church” pastor and his wife flying to Cancun to take a big lavish and expensive vacation on 501C 3 donations. Tax Exempt or not, they came out of someone’s hard earned money and pay check. I fail to see how today’s “modern” Seminary trained theologians are not held to the same high standard as the Apostle Paul and other “church leaders”, living a life of frugality and servitude, not taking off on expensive vacations at others expense.

    1. Good point. I was focused on the fact that he was scrutinized over his bible, but you are right about these pastors. Pastors do have quite the “profession” these days. They take a “sabbatical” to work on their latest book, but don’t dare call it a vacation. It’s all a sick joke. Judgement is coming soon though, and it will start in the house of the Lord! God bless! MARANATHA!

      1. Thanks dear brother…I have the “flu” and pretty miserable, but so glad I have the Lord to help me through stuff like this. I do find much solace and encouragement that He has my back.
        Bless you well Watchman!

      2. Dear Bro….I am concerned you might be burning the midnight oil perhaps a little much. I know the Lord desires to use us, but He will not drive us. It’s up to us to take care of our temples getting proper rest, and nourishment. Even Jesus had to do that. Just saying…maybe more time spent with Him, your wife and kids? Just saying. Please don’t get mad..This Battle is the Lord’s and He’s gonna win it.
        .I surely appreciate your blog and dedication as a Watchman Warrior, which indeed you are.
        Love in Jesus,

      3. Very true and we’ll said! I have been tired a lot lately and I know I’ve just gotten into bad habits. I do need some rest. Maybe I just needed someone to remind me of that – thanks! It’s all about having balance. Thank you for your kind words and support! You are a blessing to me! MARANATHA!

      4. That’s what sisters are for bro. I know we sisters can also get over on the Martha side of things sometimes as well.
        Lord Jesus, please give this son of yours rest in the mind, body and spirit, and complete refreshment as he comes to you for direction in his bodily care. I plead the Blood of Jesus over him and ask this in Jesus name.
        I praise and thank you dear Lord for your mercy and goodness to your children always. Amen

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