Beware of Club Mysterio and “Trance Dance Worship”

Just when I thought I’d seen it all. The masses are all being prepared to worship the beast, and they’re being lead away in their foolishness because they’ve rejected the truth.


Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Friends, just when I thought I had come across all the wonky and aberrant cult like weirdness in the Wild Wild West of Christendom, yet another spiritual snow job pops up doing everything it can to convince the gullible, that “yeah, this really is a move of God and the Holy Spirit”…..”never mind the fact that we’re acting it out in a Kundalini serpent spirit, ala Rick Joyner and the now rather passe John Crowder. This is much cooler doncha know?”  NO! Stop! It’s not cooler…it’s just the Techno Trance Dance Craze deceptively wrapped up and being packaged, falsely, as  Christian worship.  Then, of course, we have the New Age Prophetess Patricia King, giving her stamp of approval to the mess.  May I humbly suggest, we not only don’t need to be following 99% of the so-called Christian “Rock Star” Ministries and “leaders”, but we would be better served…

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2 thoughts on “Beware of Club Mysterio and “Trance Dance Worship”

    1. You bet! I know, sadly Jesus will never be enough for them because they don’t know the true Jesus. Their Jesus is inclusive and progressive. He loves the world, not that He would die to save them FROM their sins, but that He would make His sacrifice so they could be comfortable IN THEIR SIN. Easy grace, no repentance. God bless you sister!

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