Are We About To Witness A Total Overthrow of Our Government?


7 thoughts on “Are We About To Witness A Total Overthrow of Our Government?

  1. The Lord reveals such things to His people so that we seek His will on the matter (prayer is actually aligning our thoughts with His will), and then declare and decree it into the heavenly realms as led by the Holy Spirit (key! See Eph. 3:10). This form of prayer is referred to as kingly or prophetic intercession, and I am one whom the Lord has called to intercede for His people in this manner. How about you? 😊
    The people who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits. (Dan. 11:32)

      1. Amen and thank you! We must be praying for discernment as it seems that deception is increasing. I see a lot of Christianity breathing a sigh of relief that Trump won. I’m positive that this is not a surprise to the elite and we are playing right into their hands. Ordo ab Chao. Thank you sister! MARANATHA!

      2. True. I think many would rather see a savior restore the Republic than the savior return to take them HOME. I’ve been very disappointed that many of the Prophecy teachers I listen to and admire seem to be taking the bait rather than sitting back waiting for the trap to be sprung. People actually believe that this man is going to stop the new world order. Maybe I just want Jesus to come for His bride too much; but I’m not buying it. God definitely is in control. We’ll just have to see what He has planned.

  2. Praise God, Christ is resurrected from the dead! Our old sin-producing nature has been crucified with Christ and we are made NEW – children of God, His instruments of His will, His lampstands here in this fallen world.

    Please DO read the series “Our Exalted Position” esp. Parts 5 -11 so you don’t get discouraged or deceived by the enemy: he CANNOT overcome Christ’s Church – WE judge hIm from heaven as the court on “thrones” (Daniel 7:9, 26 – see Part 6).

    All IS well when we KNOW Truth and BELIEVE Him and SPEAK/ACT in accordance with the Holy Spirit: God fully enables us to accomplish His will from the Holy Spirit within us! He enables us to serve Him without fear, in holiness and righteousness ALL of our days (Luke 1:74-75)! Hallelujah!

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