Americans curse children with heartless saint

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21.september 2016: Heart of Saint Padre Pio greeted by thousands in Boston’s north end.

heart1 Catholic children are forced to kiss a rotten piece of flesh, kept in a box at the altar.

The heart of Saint Padre Pio was presented in Boston’s North End on Wednesday night, under heavy security, as thousands waited in line for a glimpse of the major relic at St. Leonard Church.

heart2 Parents and priests curse American children, by worshiping a cut out heart.

heart3 A priest force children to kiss the heart of exhumed Padre Pio.

heart4 Religious people involved in abuse of Children. Bosten diocese went bankrupt some years ago. They seems to have learned nothing.

This is the first time a relic of St. Pio of Pietrelcina has left Italy where the body of St. Pio is permanently exposed for veneration by millions of devotees who visit the Shrine of San Giovanni Rotondo.

The faithful were invited to…

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2 thoughts on “Americans curse children with heartless saint

  1. That is so disgusting. The bible says,”Train up a child in the way he should go”. That sure doesn’t mean kissing containers with dead body parts in them.
    Poor little kids.

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