What is your heart’s desire?

I want to share this excellent article that my dad recently wrote. He cuts directly to the heart of the matter. Be ready folks, time is short!



     I have been spending some time in retrospect the last week or so. I am sixty four now so I guess that is to be expected. I was reflecting on the church that I was raised in as a child and teenager. It was a small Pentecostal church. My pastor was not a socialite or a glad hander. He spent most of this time at the church, on his knees at the altar; not running around town meeting people or joining local social clubs. He preached the soon return of Christ constantly; not in the sense of prophetic teaching (frankly we only knew the basics back then) but rather the simple truth of His return. I imagined back then that as the last days signs began to increase that there would be a heightened sense of excitement and expectation in the body of Christ as we approached the day of our redemption. Now that we are literally here I find myself searching for someone, anyone, who is talking about it. There are very few, relatively speaking, even on the World Wide Web. I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, very few pastors were preaching on it back then as I look back. Why would it be any different now?

     I now realize that the apostate church is not a recent occurrence. It was born a long, long time ago, and has been slowly growing. It is now reaching adulthood right before our very eyes. You see, we are not in danger of judgement; we are in it! He who knows the beginning from the end saw this day coming long ago. I didn’t.

     Consider last week’s election. What a victory! Evangelicals turned out in droves, and God answered their prayers. Some pastors are even saying that we’ve been given a reprieve…really? So I guess our prayers were about regaining our wealth and returning to our wonderful normality and excess.

     Know this, Donald Trump is a globalist. He was selected by the elite. We haven’t had a president who wasn’t one of them since John Kennedy, and we all know what happened to him. Nothing has changed. We’ve been used once again, and things are only going to escalate from here. This is not a reprieve or even a pause. We are about to witness “the day of the Lord.” Many of you don’t like to hear or think about bible prophecy. Some of you think that it is much too complicated to delve into. Let me make it really simple for you. Very soon, everyone…that’s EVERYONE, is going to be granted the desires of their heart. Those of us who long to be with the Lord…will. Those who wish to stay in this world…will. Choose this day whom you will serve. It’s just that simple. Selah


7 thoughts on “What is your heart’s desire?

  1. Your father is spot on in the important matters of his letter! Please forward this to him:
    Hello, dear brother in Christ! I praise God for what you have shared here, but I am led to show you that you miss the mark when you write, “Donald Trump is a globalist. He was selected by the elite… We’ve been used once again.” Trump is a nationalist, not a globalist like Clinton. Whether he is a member of the Illumanati will be disclosed in time. Regardless, he was elected by the people, many (such as myself) whom sought the Lord and prayed His will for months before the election (and we continue to seek amen oray His will!). Your phrase, “We’ve been used once again” reveals you have been deceived – those are not words of the Holy Spirit… You have taken your eyes off the Sovereign Lord, in whose hands lies the hearts and governance of kings! Now, although God led His people to elect Donald Trump, our hope must always remain in the Lord, not men (e.g. not in politicians and our politics, not in doctors and our worldly healthcare systems, etc.)! God bless you, sir! Your son is strong in the Lord!

  2. Melissa

    Very well said. Like father, like son. Two very wise Christian men. You’re blessed to have a father who’s awake. Many of us have have families divided over this subject. God’s blessings.

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