UN adopts resolution demanding Israel’s withdrawal from Golan Heights

Behold Israel

Resolution of one of six resolutions passed against State of Israel; General Assembly resolutions non-binding, but dictates UN agenda and Security Council votes


The United Nations General Assembly adopted an additional resolution calling on the State of Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights. The resolution was just one of six resolution, most concerning the Palestinians, passed against the State of Israel on Friday. 

“The Syrian Golan” resolution was introduced to the General Assembly on November 30, 2016 and was passed two days later. The resolution claims that Israel has “failed to comply” with Resolution 497 which was adopted in 1981. The resolution claimed that Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights captured in Six Day War of 1967 as “null and void”.

The most recent resolution passed demanding Israel’s withdrawal from the Golan Heights reads “the Assembly demanded that Israel withdraw from all the occupied territory to the line of…

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