God's Hidden Nuggets for the Endtimes

This is series #8 on THE SONSHIP MESSAGE that is hidden in the Holy Bible.

God’s Predestination of Sonship and the Promise of an Eternal Inheritance 

Suppose you received a very important letter stating that you were chosen to receive a tremendously great inheritance in the near future? Recently, 20 Tennessee factory coworkers who purchased 1 ticket together, won over $20 million each in a mega Powerball sweepstake in America. Would you not be extremely ecstatic and begin to think how you would spend the money; perhaps go on an extended vacation, do home improvement, pay off medical and other bills, help family members, retire from work, give to others, etc?

Well, this is somewhat written but hidden in the Holy Bible in theNew Testament, to those God had already chosen to give a very great inheritance to, before the world began. The New Testament is the legal document that…

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