Donald Trump: The “Anti-Christ” Agenda Exposed (R$E)


3 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The “Anti-Christ” Agenda Exposed (R$E)

  1. Although many important points are made in this video, this title is deceptively implying Trump will be the antichrist. 2 Thess. Ch. 2 makes clear that the man of lawlessness will not be revealed until the restraining function of the Holy Spirit (that’s us – Christ’s lampstands of Rev. 1-3) is removed: the rapture will precede the revealing of the antichrist. If the Lord so leads, this is addressed in parts 5 onward in the series Our Exalted Position

    1. The title can lead you to believe that’s what they’re going to say, but the video itself never states that. They make a lot of good points in warning the people of the deception. Things are definitely getting interesting!

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