Obama denies betraying Israel, claims he has “obligation to do what I think is right.”

Behold Israel

In an Israeli interview to air Thursday, President Obama claims he did not betray Jewish state; Claims Netanyahu reaction “don’t have a basis in fact”; Paris Peace Conference to call on Israel, PA to recommit to two-state solution

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United States President Obama denied betraying the State of Israel when he chose to not veto the recent United Nations Security Council resolution deeming Israel’s presence in the West Bank and Jerusalem as illegal.

During an interview to air in Israeli media Thursday, Obama claimed that he did not betray Israel and even claimed that Israel’s reactions and are not based in fact. When asked about what Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to as “shameless, anti-Israel ploy” and whether he “Can you understand the sense of portrayal?” Obama responded “That kind of hyperbole, those kinds of statements don’t have a basis in fact. They may work well with respect to deflecting attention from…

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