A Watchman’s Lament

Ticktock ticktock,

how much time’s on the clock?

When will it happen?

When will it go down?

How much longer,

til our feet leave the ground?

When will He come?

When will He appear?

When will our Savior, 

draw us near?

I’m sick of this world.

I’m sick of this strife.

I’ve just about had it,

with this life.

The church is weak.

The masses are blind.

They search for the truth,

they never will find.

 People run to do evil.

The wicked bear rule.

The true men of God,

are chosen and few.

The children disobey.

The lovers now hate.

This ungodly world,

has a fiery fate.

As darkness grows,

and the light goes dim,

love not this world,

but cling to Him.

And until that time comes,

until He appears, 

walk circumspectly,

but not in fear.

Through the cares of this life,

and the world’s upheaval,

redeem the time,

for the days are evil.



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