ATTENTION: Everyone needs to listen to this! The tares hidden amongst the wheat are the enemies of Christ. Don’t dismiss or discount this information; the ramifications are eternal!





  1. Having listened to this entire recording, I honestly don’t understand your urgent request that we all listen to it. I am concerned that some who call themselves watchmen (like these people) are spending precious time looking at the devil and his tares (and pointing them out to other believers) instead of looking to and obeying the Lord. The devil thus successfully distracts these believers from doing what the Lord has called us ALL to do.

    Time is VERY short (as you know): the Bridegroom is about to rapture His Bride, yet there are many unregenerate people and foolish virgins to whom we need to BE living epistles. We must spend MUCH time in God’s empowering and transformative word, continually denying self, picking up our cross, and following Jesus. God bless you!

  2. Dad

    Good morning watchman. This is your dad and I am worried about you. I fear that you are struggling way too much with this narrow path that you are on. I know that when the Lord called you to be a watchman that you believed the Holy Ghost would guide you but apparently he meant he would send SOMEONE to show you the way. Someone with greater knowledge. Someone who has the Lord’s ear. You can make this a lot easier. Just go to Deanna’s website every morning. She will have a word for you I’m sure. I know that you thought you knew the meaning of regeneration. You were wrong. Your mind needs to be regenerated to the progressive way of thinking. Go with the flow. Join the broad way. You will find rest. Okay, that’s all the sarcasm I can work up this morning. The modern day church scene makes me want to puke! Hmm…where have I read that before. Nuff said

    1. Very funny! Thank you for speaking up for me, I am getting too tired and busy to be wasting time in the comments section. You know, it’s not the first time I’ve been told I shouldn’t be looking at the devil’s movements. Has it not been necessary to study the enemy’s movements in battle, or to scout out the opposing team in sports? The fact is, no matter what our calling is, or what our spiritual gifting is, we should all be steadfast to expose evil and shine a light into the darkness. Most of all, we need to approach everything and everyone with humility and grace. Some people just don’t get that though. They continue to bless us with their superior intellect and discernment. Thanks again Dad!

  3. Great listen you have posted! Continue exposing! Just remember to be in constant communion with the Lord. This isn’t a popular path, but one of importance.

  4. One last thing, I would like to share this with a brother in Christ. We have been actually studying all the different new movements in the Christian main stream. I can only share this on WordPress. Can you tell me where you got this audio so I can forward to him?

      1. Just so you know your diligence in helping expose false teachers is paying off. I shared that program with the brother in Christ I told you about. He has spread it widely within their big network of believers! God is good!

      2. Praise God! Thank you for letting me know. It’s great to hear this message being shared; it can be pretty lonely when you’re swimming upstream. Thank you for sharing! God bless you! MARANATHA!

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