Is Your Church Guilty of this Sin Against the LORD?

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

If it is, shame on your church, and shame on you for subsidizing and supporting it.

A place to help people to find understanding why church tradition and experience is often quite different from the simplicity of the New Testament. Is the phrase “go to church” ever stated in scripture? What about Titles and building-centered assembly? What is a 501c3 church? These are examples of practices needing examination and we hope will provoke thought and prayer among those the Lord is stirring and calling to a deeper consecration, and we want to encourage you to “hear ye HIM”.

The 501c3 Church is Not The Church

Is your church a government registered, non-profit 501c3 organization?
If you do not know what this means, please google “501c3 church” and find out.

What is amazing is the fact there is absolutely no need for a church assembly to…

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Church Guilty of this Sin Against the LORD?

  1. Thanks for the re-blog Sonny…I don’t get around much anymore as I’m working in another venue for the LORD. I think of you often through, one of my very favorite holy bloggers, tirelessly speaking out for the Lord Jesus Christ.
    May much peace and grace be multiplied to you this and every day till Jesus comes. Amen


    1. Thank you! I’ve been wondering about you and I was going to email you to see how you were. Glad to hear your doing ok. Keep up the fight! God’s blessings and protection over you sister! MARANATHA!

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