I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!



Christianity in America is suffering. 


There is no revival happening, although cyberspace — the internet — is replete with Christian blogs and movements and alternative news from a Christian perspective.


Instead, GROSS immorality is running OPENLY, BOLDLY, and FLAGRANTLY rampant amongst the general public.


Our churches have no power …

… no power at all to stop it. 


 No conviction

falls upon public officials nor the public in general, not even the school children… regardless of the numerous churches and ministries established in America. Deliverance from wicked spirits is simply not seen any longer.


There are not any moral standards of ANY kind seen in Western Civilization. All restraints and constraints have been thrown off.


“We will not have THIS ONE+

to rule over us!” they say.


“Let us cast away

their cords from us !”


Vogue teen magazines run…

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