“Many Will Be Offended And Hate And Betray One Another”

Amen! All the signs are increasing in frequency and duration, like birth pains, but only for those with eyes to see. The rest of the world continues on with business as usual…just like the days of Noah! MARANATHA!

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

By Julia & CJ

Our silence on the recent weeks of this revealing of sexual misconduct isn’t because we dont know what is happening, its because we have struggled to understand. Sexual harrassment, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct is unacceptable in any form. There are many opinions surfacing, some of which I agree with. How in this country can someone be accused, tried and judged without due process? The Bible lays out specific rules for judging those accused of a crime, our legal system was based on Judeo-Christian values.

Sharia law punishes the victim of rape, victim shaming is also unacceptable but have we promoted a spread of this debauchery by loosening our values and allowing our children to grow in worldly things and dress? As women we are shocked at behaviors from women that say this is our right and our bodies.
Some in Europe has called our debacle…

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