Emmanuel Macron to Visit Vatican in June: More Dots to Connect

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

After the victory of the youngest leader of France since Napoleon, one of the first declarations of this seemingly pompous man was this:  “I will govern like a Roman god.”

Which “god” was Macron referring to when he spoke such lofty words?  It was Jupiter who is the Roman equivalent of Zeus, who is the highest Greek god. If you wonder if these “gods” are just mythology (which is what we were taught in school) you’d be wrong.  All of these gods are demons. And Zeus and Jupiter have been called “Satan” himself.

Please refer to this article to better understand this:

Seat of Satan Moved From Pergamum to Berlin, Germany: Connect the Dots

Here is the article which speaks about Macron’s “Governing like a Roman God” :

Emmanuel Macron Declares He will Govern Like A Roman God

Macron has been invited to the Vatican

From reuters.com

France’s Macron, after…

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