Are you Covering Someone’s Nakedness?

Chipped Vessel

Before your mind goes on a roller coaster of possibilities based on the title of this post let me explain. Naked carries a dual definition. The first we are all familiar with. The second is what we will focus on.

  • a person or part of the body without clothes
  • undisguised; blatant, as relating to behavior or feeling

Some common synonyms for both definitions are as follows: nude, bare, exposed, undisguised, unadorned, plain, glaring, or apparent. We have all been physically and emotionally naked in our lives. Our feelings exposed to the world, all of our imperfections on full display. The biblical account of Noah and his sons will take us on a journey of both physical and emotional nakedness.

Some Bible scholars believe that Noah was on the ark for 370 days.  I think cabin fever is an understatement in this case. Surely they kept busy tending to the animals…

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