A Talk With God At Easter

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

This is a Holy Time for us Father as we remember the gift you gave us with your Son’s sacrifice. And for that we shout Hallelujah!

Father how your heart must ache looking down at us. My heart aches as well. I look around me and I see Christ’s light in His church grow dim as more and more plunge into the ills of this sick world. I watch as they remain silent as each of your commandments are broken. I see other Gods put before you and the elect falling to bow at the feet of tolerance. I watch as your creation is murdered by the thousands at the altars of abortion. And only silence from the church. With some men of God Even praising it.

I watch as more and more turn to government for blessings instead of you. Forgetting that you alone supply our needs.

I watch…

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