4 dead, 2 wounded in Southern California stabbings

See folks, we need more than “sensible” gun control laws; we need knife control laws! In fact, as soon as we get every dangerous “assault” knife off the streets we must move quickly to get rid of all pointy objects. I mean scissors to hedge trimmers to pens! Of course we’ll have to think outside the box a little. My dad has shown me on occasion how he can fold a paper plate into a shiv. If it can be used to kill, it needs to be out of the American people’s reach! If that doesn’t do the trick and people continue to kill each other with blunt instruments, vehicles, or even their bare hands, then I guess we need to turn our world into a total surveillance police state with paramilitary troops on every street corner. Maybe we could combine that with a department of pre-crime that uses AI to analyze the population’s intent to commit murder.

How does all that sound to you? Does that sound “sensible” to you? Of course not. Government can’t regulate the evil in man’s heart. In a nation that absolutely hates the Living God, I wouldn’t expect anything less than to hear of horrible murders on a daily basis. Remember, this is only the beginning of sorrows. The horror of the Great Tribulation that is soon to befall this world will be unimaginable! The only way out is a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ! Until He comes, have your sword at the ready! Hold fast! Armor on!




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