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Did you know that millions around the planet have been marching and will continue to march in many countries to make it known that Climate Change deniers are going to make mankind extinct and our planet will go up in flames and be utterly destroyed?

Here is what is at the heart of “Extinction Rebellion.” Listen carefully to the words spoken in this short video.  You should be able to discern that these people are coming together to form the One World Government (NWO). When a young lady says she wants worldwide “Democracy” what she is really saying is World Wide Communism. But she is calling for this global government to be run by citizenry.

She has no idea WHO will be in charge.  We know.

From spiked-online.com

The madness of Extinction Rebellion

This is an upper-middle-class death cult and we should ridicule it out of existence.

In London Causing…

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