A Matter of Seconds, A Question of Inches

End Times Prophecy Report

seconds, inches

An interesting discussion recently centered around the topic of God making himself known to man and the ways in which God does this.

One of the favorite “arguments” put forth by avowed atheists–or occasionally (though less frequently) by those in false religions- and those who are saddled with a familiar spirit is the one about “Your God is a figment of your overactive imagination. Your God is your invisible friend.”

Forget for a moment that most of those who hold this view believe (or at least pretend) that SCIENCE! is the source of all worthwhile knowledge.

Science, with its many stories of invisible beings which make one sick (bacteria or virus), produce one’s cheeses (bacteria) or make one’s feet–and other parts–itch (fungus and yeast).

Modern man likes to flatter himself that he could not possibly believe in invisible beings–YET those moderns who worship at the altar of

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