There Are VIRUSES In the Church Much Deadlier Than Covid-19

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

As the world focuses daily on the news about the Corona (Covid-19) Virus, There is a Spiritual Infection in body of Christ, and its Casuaties are many.

These viruses mutate as they make their way through our churches. The most vulnerable are leaders of mega-churches. Many of these misguided leaders were never truly Shepherds (under the Great Shepherd) of the flock; but were hirelings.”

Brethren, I will list many false movements in this article, but I will focus on one in particular at the end:

Hyper Charismatic:  

Trusts in emotions and gifts of the Spirit more than in God’s Word. Very little preached about Sin and Redemption


 Teaches that our God of the Bible and Allah are one and the same. 

Return to Rome churches:  

Have forgotten why the Great Reformation happened. This is why we are Evangelical Christians and not Catholics.  <And the pope…

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