When Obama Gave INTERPOL Protected Freedom on U.S. Soil Against American Citizens

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

As soon as I heard the cries for the defunding of Police Departments across the nation, I knew that something very sinister was afoot.

I knew that if this was part of the plan of the Left, then they must have “Plan B” in the wings. It’s ridiculous to think that a nation can even function with absolutely no law enforcement.

Then it dawned on me – something that I remembered from 2009. Something that Obama did very quietly and discreetly.  When I first told my husband what he had done, he responded by saying that it was probably not a big deal.

But I knew that it was a big deal.

Everything that man did was calculated. He didn’t do anything without a good reason; and when I say ‘good reason’ I mean to further the agenda of the Left. 

From townhall.com   from 2009

Obama’s Latest Executive Order…

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