One thought on “Leaked: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used by the United Nations

  1. Just listen to the verbiage in this document…..The government has taken on a life of it’s own….this happened in real time when it’s power began to manifest in the “Continuity of Government” documents with all the accompanying Presidential Directives to enforce it ….then beginning to be addressed more aggressively and forcefully under the Bush and Obama administrations. IN OUR FACE!

    Regardless of what the powers that be, “say”, the intention is to take absolute control of America and everything in it, including it’s citizens, lock, stock and barrel! Continuity of Government leaves no recourse to it’s citizens to correct and reform bad leadership…(remember the clause, enemies foreign and domestic), in the Constitutional right to bear arms?

    Of course…the UN will be a very big part of that, thanks to our feckless presidents, and those who elected them, we will be living under their NWO in the days to come.

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