1. I do not know what the “Health and Wealth” preachers believe about Replacement theology but as a Catholic Christian we do not believe in the “Health and Wealth Gospel.” Also, I would not call it “Replacement theology” as much as I would call it “Fulfillment theology.” I also do not believe what the preacher said about Dispensationalism. It’s simply sensationalism that divorces historic Christian teaching from the Bible. This kind of teaching is very dangerous and should be rebuked.

    1. First of all there is no such thing as a “Catholic Christian.” Catholic means universal and the followers of Jesus Christ are anything but universal. The Catholic religion is a religious system that is rife with dangerous, unbiblical teaching that should be rebuked by all born again believers in Jesus Christ. This completely heretical religious system is currently the ecumenical glue that is bringing together all religions for the one world religion of antichrist. Everyone seems to have different interpretations of the bible and thus love to argue their points with others; however, in light of the current events playing out today, one’s arguments will soon become a moot point. The Great Reset is underway and the beast is rising. That’s all, no further arguments from me. Get right and get ready! Jesus is coming! MARANATHA!

      1. Thank you for your comments watchman73. I have to disagree with you that Catholicism has unbiblical teachings. The Catholic Church, through the guidance of the Holy Ghost, put the Bible together and it is the Church that has the right to determine what the Scripture means. The Scripture reflects what the Church teaches. Yes, we are living through difficult times right now but the Church will get through this turmoil like it always does. We do not know when Our Lord will come but we always have to be ready.
        Blessings in the Lord.

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