3 thoughts on “Texas *RESET*: Something BIG is Brewing – Be PREPARED!

  1. What a terrible tragedy. God help the folks in Texas to get through this. Sometimes, the old time ways to heat a home and cook are the best, or at least be an auxiliary standby.Americans put way too much trust in their government, which is one of the first and worst mistakes they can make.
    Also, I lost a whole lot of confidence in Ted Cruz concerning his really bad decision to take off to Cancun. But it’s typical of politicians to think themselves above the “little people”.
    I hope you and your family are OK through this…I’m pretty sure the good Lord is taking care of you all. Praying so!

    1. Yes, thank you! God has taken good care of my family! These scenarios are what I’ve prepared for and warned about over the years. I used to be like everyone else and trust the government before I was born again. When God got ahold of me back in 2008, not only did He change my heart, He shook me from my slumber and made me realize that there’s nobody looking out for my best interest or coming to meet my needs. It’s been a real blessing to have the means to be prepared for survival. Ted Cruz definitely showed that he is a true politician. They usually worry about optics in these situations, but I guess that didn’t stop Ted. I hope you and your family are safe and well! God bless you! MARANATHA!

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