Vivekh, 59, popular actor and green ambassador, dies in city

I found this picture on my Twitter feed this morning. I first went to Google and surprisingly did find this link; however, there wasn’t hardly anything else there to see. I then went to and when I typed “India’s public health ambassador dies after taking vaccine” I found several links to other stories of healthcare workers dying the day after receiving the vaccine as well. Seeing these other stories that aren’t being shared by our beloved media makes me really wonder if India’s spike in Covid cases isn’t really a smokescreen for post vaccine deaths. I say that because there was this one sentence in the article that jumped out at me: “The same day, for the first time the number of doses administered by the state crossed the 2-lakh mark.” So they’re saying the same day that this actor/public health ambassador died, the government had administered 200,000 doses of vaccine. This really makes you wonder doesn’t it? Someone should have told this poor soul that health officials in other countries always take a placebo vaccine, or outright fake the whole jab thing altogether. So sad and so evil!



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