*UPDATED WITH COMMENTARY: HR Executive: Firms are Planning to have their Vaccinated Staff Replaced within the Next 3 Years

In light of a comment received today on this, I thought I should add a little commentary to this post. I will first say that I really try to check and verify content before I share it; however, as it is in this case, sometimes that isn’t possible. With the current censorship of people speaking out about the vaccine, many are afraid to give their identities. Even so, I know the enemy is always busy planting disinformation. I don’t truly know if what this woman is saying is real, but it’s here for your prayerful consideration. The woman’s time frame given for deaths of vaccinated people matches that of others in the alternative media. Who knows? It sounds pretty horrific, but the great tribulation that is soon to befall humanity will be beyond comprehension.

Either way, take it into consideration..or don’t. Just sounding the warning as best I can.




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