4 thoughts on “Leaked Docs On Permament Lockdown of UK in 3 weeks!

  1. Please, be very careful to not take this for truth. According to a commenter in another source with this publication, it’s a fake document in order to fool the followers of conspiracy theories, alternative media, with the intention to accuse them of making up stories. The construction of fake news is getting more complex, more entangled with bits of news turned around and cooked like pancakes, showing up nice and brown, while the inside is piping hot liquid batter.

    1. Oh I see. That’s a very good point. Deception is high and it’s very hard to tell sometimes. We know all this is planned, but being able to actually get proof of things like this may be another story. Thank you! God bless! MARANATHA!

      1. Hello watchman73. That last word in your response “Maranatha” sounds beautiful. I’ve looked it up, the meaning of it. It rang a bell, for I’ve grown up as a Minister’s daughter, in a Calvinistic Church Institute. A mixed bag of good and evil, teaching me much.

        In the meantime, about the subject of this leaked document, it may be possible that Matt Hancock is actually the writer of this leaked document, the letter that revealed a plan to place Britain in a lockdown. Please, look up Benjamin Fulford’s website (it bears his name so it’s easy) and read his report of June or July. It might be true that this was a plan, and it might explain why Matt Hancock had to resign, for a reason that is only a cover-up of the real reason.

        What I’m noticing, to my relief mixed with frustration about bottoms falling away under views, definitions and conclusions presented in the cloud, is that many people begin to awaken to the realization that not all is gold what shimmers. I’ve restored my LinkedIn account, just to watch how the working part of our Dutch population is moving through this time.

        And I’m regularly amazed about the blinders on medical professionals, scientists connected to the medical industry, denying the risk of vaccination and the damage done by them. It’s a whole new experience for me, that people who should KNOW, by informing themselves, in their medical profession and position, are fully brainwashed, looking in one direction only.

        I believe that I’ve got to realize that the risk of losing one’s position, one’s income, is a motive for such people to place these blinders on them. A form of survival mode that shows up now, in sync with blackmail, bribery, and the use of subtle threats. It’s clear how censorship of testimonies by doctors, nurses, and virologists, also leads to unexplained deaths and for those who are strong, stepping down from a successful career, into a life with lower income, even no income.

        What do we risk or gain, ourselves, by knowing the truth, that’s a good question to keep in mind.

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