Biden Says Social Media ‘Killing People’ With Virus Falsehoods

“Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated,” Biden said after he was asked about his message for tech companies as he departed the White House on Friday. “And they’re killing people.”

Here we go folks…Total censorship of all free speech, followed by exclusion and persecution of all unvaccinated. Dig in and get ready!



3 thoughts on “Biden Says Social Media ‘Killing People’ With Virus Falsehoods

  1. Biden and the NWO need a scapegoat for their evil deeds to succeed. I had a taste of that yesterday after having to visit the clinic to keep my insurance company happy. I had my name taken at the door of the clinic along with my vax status, (which is zero), and my temp taken. Then upon leaving I got vax-shamed for not having consented, by this young dr, wearing a face mask as thick as a babies diaper. I ended my visit by telling her, as politely as I could, what I thought of the vaccine and the fact that people were buying into the lies of the government.

    1. Yep this has always been the plan. The release of the virus was the launching of the great reset aka new world order. The vaccine is the framework for the literal mark of the beast that’s soon to follow. As frustrating as this whole delusion is, I see that it’s almost a foreshadowing of the separation of the sheep and goats or wheat and tares. Stay strong sister, the harvest is coming soon! MARANATHA!

      1. Amen!
        Funny, I was just thinking……….., Sheep are the ones that produce the wool that make coverings to keep people warm, not goats. And sheep need a shepherd to guide them to good pasture and care for them, whereas goats are herded, and pretty much run around and eat any and everything a sheep wouldn’t touch. Unruly beasts they are.
        With Jesus as our shepherd, we’ll make it through.

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