2 thoughts on ““Man being stretchered”: a Fact Check

  1. goodbadand

    Today you can have a personal relationship with the gay lord Jesus. hahaha…
    You can pray to this man and he will answer your prayers.
    He will cure your diseases, rescue you from emergencies, help you make important business and family decisions, comfort you in times of worry and grief, etc.
    This man will also give you eternal life, and if you are good he has a place for you in heaven after you die.?

    The reason we know all this is because, after the man died, four people named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote accounts of the man’s life. Their written attestations are proof of the veracity of this story.
    This is the story of a Jesus. “”??

    Do you believe this story?

    You are Delusional !!

    1. Greetings troll! Tell you what, you keep believing that, and I’ll keep believing in Jesus. Then when our lives are over, we’ll see who was right. Sound like a deal? By the way, if you were wrong, you will never ever get a do-over. YOUR DECISION IS FOREVER AND EVER. You’re locked in. Please re-think your position. Time is almost up…Jesus is coming and EVERY knee will bow and tongue confess JESUS IS LORD!

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