4 thoughts on “WATCH: Pilot says his dreams for his family have been ruined by Pfizer shot injuries

  1. Absolutely heartbreaking. And these pro-vax people are not listening. Total cognitive dissonance. And the perpetrators that created this monster flat don’t care as long as power and money flow and political and evil purposes are served.

    1. Absolutely! I frequently say these people would be on the wrong side of history if this wasn’t the end of time. I will say that nothing else has exposed where people are at spiritually like this jab. MARANATHA!

      1. Amen Sonny! It occurred to me that Satan has groomed these people well for this specific time, when they will be most accepting, just as they have been about abortion.

      2. I think you’re right. The spirit of antichrist has been grooming and shaping the whole world’s reality all this time. I was thinking about that earlier. Those of us that the Lord has called were able to awake from our sleep and break that conditioning when we were born again into God’s kingdom. I’m frequently saying that we are blessed to be chosen to be living in these last days, but it occurred to me this morning, that these people pushing this evil agenda were also chosen for this specific time and place. They are vessels for destruction. God bless you Scarlett! MARANATHA!

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