Pay Attention To God’s Headlines (Signs Of The Times)

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

There’s a few things that should be in God’s headlines for Christians. We’re so battle weary we forget that as Christians we need to pay attention to these headlines. As we scramble through this world of roadblocks, and booby traps for Christians we have to stay alert to to the signs of the times we’re in. We are in dire straits filled with the demonic. I read a headline recently that said “if you don’t believe in demons at this point I don’t know what it takes.” (More)

It’s a tweet about the summer camp to teach toddlers sex. But that’s not all those demons are doing. Texas has been in the news and attacked for its laws against abortion and transgender movements against children. But the demonic are busy, it’s been exposed that a clinic in Texas has been performing double mastectomy’s on children as young as…

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