4 thoughts on “Pre Trib Rapture!!!

    1. 👍 that’s your view, good deal. If we’re going through the great trib then how much food and water should Christians be storing? I mean I have supplies stored but I’m also looking for that imminent appearance of Jesus. Just curious what people that don’t believe in the rapture are thinking or doing in preparation for the evil ahead?

      1. Very good, sounds like you’re all set. Now you have extra time to drop into comment sections and take potshots and argue pet doctrines. As I recall you love arguing and defending Catholicism too. You’re certainly busy taking swings when you don’t agree or get offended. I don’t have time though. I’m trying to prepare while continuing to sound the alarm. I have family to worry about and you’re the one that’s about to tip me over the edge in even caring about keeping this site going. It seems like nobody has time to come comment and share a word of encouragement. No, instead, most people are ready to have a keyboard war. I will not say one more thing to you after this. Believe in the rapture or don’t. It doesn’t matter. We all see through a glass darkly. Time is short, you best get on your way and rattle someone else’s cage. I’m done with this.Still looking up, Jesus is coming soon!

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