Is America Following The Road To Hell?

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

I have been days writing this one post. I took a step back and watched, and what God revealed is frightening. Not what’s coming on the earth, but how many people are falling away!
Our leader is clearly suffering from dementia and incapable of heading the greatest country on earth. He has declared we are in Armageddon worse than in John F. Kennedy’s day. He has declared WWlll is here. He knows nothing and his fruits reek of Satan not God. The second in command told the world recently our greatest ally was NORTH Korea. Wake up America! Everything happening with bidens admin points to Obama and Valerie Jarrett pulling the strings. The things they couldn’t finalize in 8 years are now being shoved down our throats. Including a war with Russia. Obama held a great disdain for the Bible and Christ.

A Drudge headline shows the spirit of antichrist…

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