2 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It In Sunday’s Sermon Vol. 3

  1. Hi Sonny
    My wife Liz & I are avid readers of your blog site, & appreciate the many warnings & heads-up that you post! Sadly, the churches & many Christians are ‘falling away’. This is what the Spirit told us this past Sunday:

    Re The Great Shaking, the Coming Economic Collapse, & the Coming Darkness & Doom 12 Mar 2023
    Don’t be too surprised with what is happening today with the economy, the banking crisis, society problems with violence, corruption & onslaught of immorality. Everything that can be shaken is violently taking place & occurring everywhere in the world as has been prophesied. Many are still blind & won’t pay serious attention to current events of businesses closing & rising bankruptcies. There will be increasing unemployment with business closing as well as foreclosures on home sales. Soon Ala Moana shopping center will be a ghost town as more & more people only walk & wonder through, but make no purchases. Even the eating places, restaurants will lose customers as the result of loss of employees & poor service in addition to outrageous prices.

    The shaking will increase & more climatic & catastrophic events will occur that will cause distress &much loss. There will be much more domestic violence & suicides, theft & embezzlements, esp. of notable people revealed in coming days. Darkness will increase upon the earth & the people, as the prophet Isaiah says in Ch. 60 before the coming of the Lord. That is the time we’re living in right now. And at the present time, few will take heed from the prophets & the Word of God. They are blind & oblivious as in the days of Noah, carrying on their daily activities & not noticing that that the sky in getting darken. We are living in the days of coming doom.

    1. Well, thank you, Wyman. I appreciate that! I believe that’s a very sure Word from the Holy Spirit. Many are looking for revival instead of Christ, and hoping someone will turn things around. I believe what you say is true. Thank you and Liz for your support and encouragement! MARANATHA!

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